September Relined

With summer fast approaching, the Sydney Relining team has been busy fixing up Sydney’s drains, providing peace-of-mind for our customers, and ensuring that their plumbing, pipes, and drains are far from their mind as they enjoy that summer swims.

September saw the team complete a range of projects from securing a defected and expensive sewer line in Cheltenham to preventing the excavation of a foot bath in Willoughby.

A 25m reline – Epping

This property in Epping requires repairs from beginning to end. We decided to start with the longest section first, which was a 25m stretch of pipe down a driveway lined with trees. Almost every joint was infiltrated by aggressive tree root intrusion, jeopardizing the integrity of the pipe. This video shows the inversion relining process from start to finish.

Cheaper, long-term relining solutions – Cheltenham.

The owner of this house in Cheltenham had been experiencing problems with their sewer for years, constantly requiring a plumber to unblock it. Having suffered the frustration and expense for years, the owner decided to opt for a long-term and effectively cheaper relining solution. We inverted a 15m section of pipe from the toilet downstream to the outside of the house, using our DANCUTTER robot to reinstate 3 junctions under the bathroom with minimal noise and mess.

Excavation avoidance through relining – Willoughby.  

Our client in Willoughby had been having ongoing issues in their sewer that runs under the main road. Excavating the footpath, gutter and the road was going to be extremely expensive and disruptive. We were able to reline a 12m ‘tab shot’ from the property boundary, out under the road with no excavations necessary. Needless to say, our customer was extremely satisfied with the finished product which cost a quarter of the price of a traditional excavation, cut and replace.

September Relined September Relined

Please see our other blog posts for more project summaries and explanations, or head to FAQ’s for a quick guide relining.

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