May Relined

In keeping with the times, May threw more than one curveball at Sydney Relining, all of which was expertly dispatched by our team.

Whilst a little quieter than normal due to the impact of COVID-19, the gaps in our regular relining work did offer a welcome reprieve and allowed us to complete a much-needed renovation and upgrade of our inversion truck. 

On top of that, our Robot Cutter ran out of heart late in the month. Luckily, our newest team member Ben was able to repair and service the kit, getting it back underground where it belongs.

Despite the downtime, we completed a healthy mixture of residential, commercial and industrial relining projects throughout the month, totalling over 150m of sewer & stormwater pipes relined across Sydney. This required us to employ all methods of relining including packers, pull-in-place and inversion, curing with a combination of ambient-air, water & steam.

Here are some of the highlights. 

Elizabeth Bay

This property in Elizabeth Bay required multiple lines to be repaired. Relining was the most simple, cost-effective method and avoided breaking floors, included tiled bathrooms, to gain access to the pipes. The work project included a 20m stretch from the boundary shaft, with the shaft its self relined using a 6-inch junction liner. The team providing bottled water to residents whilst water-downs were taking place.


This residents of this house in Riverview was experiencing issues with their sewer pipe that ran directly underneath the house caused by tree roots and collapsing joints. The team used inversion techniques to relined under the house in one go, completing the job in half a day with minimal disruption to the delight of the client.


Once again, we pleasantly surprised the residents of this home in Hornsby by completing a tricky 25m reline in record time with next to no disruption. We used an inversion drum to reline the pipe including 3 junctions to seal the line 100%, before removing the junctions with our robotic DANCUTTER.

As ever, we’re extremely grateful to our customers and plumbing partners for their continued support. We’re hopeful that June will see a step closer to normality for all of us. Give us a call any time if you’d like to discuss a project, relining or anything at all. 

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